Behavioral Health Screenings – Are you performing them?

There is tremendous concern and focus on mental health and behavioral patterns in our society today.  Incidents of depression, loneliness and even suicides have seen a sharp uptick in recent years. 

CMS and other agencies tasked with maintaining the well being of populations have recognized this and implemented new screening programs and evaluations methods to combat this threat.

All kinds of different practices (providers)– Family Practices, Specialists, Care Givers, Facilities – are encouraged to screen patients using short easy to use questionnaires or technologies to evaluate their mental health.  Practices are able to deploy these screenings very quickly, with little or no initial cost outlay.  This allows physicians to provide enhanced care to their patients while increasing their revenue with no additional cost or effort.

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If you are not currently participating (screening and evaluating your patients for behavioral/mental health status) and would like to determine if you can (how you might incorporate these tools into your practice, contact MedUSA and we can get the ball rolling for you.

Use the contact form below, or e-mail us at

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