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medical billing serviceOur billing service provides a time-tested, detail-oriented approach that collects the maximum revenue in the shortest time for your practice:

  • Claims Submitted within 24 hours of receipt of information from the Practice
  • 99% Clearance Rate and 98% Coding Accuracy
  • 98% of the payments posted within 24 hours
  • Insurance Follow up 14-21 Days from submission
  • Denial Management 24-48 hours from receipt of EOB

While we process thousands of charges daily at our billing services processing center, your charges, and your patients, are unique. We’ll design the billing service program and your service package to exactly fit your needs, your preferences and your requirements.

  • We will collect from ALL insurance companies, not just the primary, and then the patient (if necessary).
  • The pre-submission analysis we perform, based on our 29 year experience in billing service ensures industry best first pass collection rates.
  • We will investigate every claim denial – without exception!
  • We will keep your patients informed of their responsibilities, and alert them when insurance response is unsatisfactory.
  • When your patients call our toll free number an experienced, knowledgeable agent will assist them with compassion.
  • You can use our state-of-the-art software, or your own software that meets your needs. We have in-house programmers to handle any technical issues you may have. Read more about our software and technical services.
  • You can transmit your patient data electronically, or you can mail, fax, or scan it into our processing center.
  • You can know the account status of every returning patient before they enter your exam room. We alert you to specific problem patients as well.
  • You will always have 24/7 access to your patient records and account history through our portal.
  • We’ll train or assist your receptionist to diligently collect co-pays, to gather the essential claim documentation and to support an aggressive appeals process.
  • Your personal financial records, and those of your practice, will be vigorously safeguarded. Our process, data centers and facilities are HIPAA compliant.
  • Our employees have an average tenure of 14 years with us and all have had thorough background checks.  Our team boasts average medical billing industry experience of 17+ years.

An important issue for any medical center is the payment for medicines, we will be happy to help you solve the problem of buying and selling medicines. Read about buying drugs online here.

Having provided medical billing services for clients in numerous states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Texas, we have the experience of dealing with the nuances of medical billing with many payers and state regulations.

Our approach is to function as an extension of your back-office. This approach ensures that you are in charge, and we provide you with the assurance that your billing services are in professional hands.

Ask us for a  service proposal today! Call: 407 657 8221

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